Lesgets Reservation

Sale conditions

Article 1 : 

This document contains the information preceding the customer's commitment. However, changes may be made to the services proposed. Customers will be informed of these changes before they make any final commitment. Les Gets Reservation will act as Agent for the owners and sellers of accommodation, to present the accommodation, collecting the price and confirming the booking. Furthermore, Les Gets Reservation acts as agent, seller or reseller of other services incorporated in the tourism packages (e.g., lift passes, linen rental and other services, etc.)

Article 2 : 

The accommodation owners and sellers are legally and financially independent of the Les Gets Reservation.Photographs published by Les Gets Reservation are not contractual. 

Article 3 :
The booking is firm when a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the stay, plus reservation fee, has been paid. (The amount of the reservation fee is given in the quotation that Les Gets Reservation sends to customers). If the customer cancels his booking, the balance of the stay is due for payment. Under no circumstances shall the 25% deposit be considered as a retraction facility. If the accommodation owner or seller, for any reason whatsoever, is unable to provide the customer with the accommodation agreed, the Les Gets Reservation shall do everything in its power to provide the customer with accommodation of a quality of at least equivalent. The lessee must not, whatever the cause, stop a payment of a confirmed transaction.

Article 4 : 
The customer should pay the Central Booking Office the balance for the stay, 30 days prior to arrival. The balance of the stay shall remain due by any customer who has not paid on the date agreed. The accommodation shall once again be offered for sale. Any payment not made within the time limits shall incur penalties for late payment due on the day following the date of settlement given on the bill. The applicable rate of interest is the legal rate. The lessee must not, whatever the cause, stop a payment of a confirmed transaction. 

Article 5 :
If the customer registers less than 30 before the start of the stay, the entire payment shall be due on booking. Payment by credit card can be demanded. If immediate payment is not made, his booking shall not be recorded. 

Article 6 : 
Les Gets Reservation must be informed of any cancellation by registered letter with request for receipt.

6-1 :
After axamination by the insurance and if the cancellation is due to a reason accepted by the insurance company the customer shall be refunded according to the cancellation insurance clauses and with deduction of the reservation fee and the cost of the insurance policy (clauses available on request and on the web site).

Article 7 :
In the case where the customer cuts short his stay, Les Gets Reservation or accommodation provider shall not make any refund (except against justificatory proof if the reason for the interruption is covered by the cancellation insurance taken out by the customer) and limited to the amount accepted by the insurance company (excluding the reservation fee and the insurance policy).

Article 8 :
The customer shall be liable for all damage caused by him or by the persons occupying or visiting the premises during the stay. He is asked to check that holiday cover is included in his personal insurance policies. If this is not the case, he is strongly recommended to take out such insurance. In no case shall the amount due by the customer for such damage be limited to the amounts accepted by his insurance company. The customer can subscribe a multirisk insurance (cancellation, rescue and civil liability) for his stay through Les Gets Reservation before paying the deposit.

Article 9 :
The contract is drawn up for the maximum number of persons. If they exceed the capacity according to the contract, the Les Gets Reservation or the accommodation provider can refuse to accept these additional persons. The contract shall then be considered as having been broken by the customer and the price of the accommodation shall still be due.

Article 10 :
The price is established according to an exact number of persons. If the number of participants is lower than the number stipulated in the contract, the price shall remain unchanged. If the number of participants is greater than the number stipulated in the contract, the customer shall inform the Les Gets Reservation. The price shall then be increased to take account of the consequential increased fixed and variable charges. The customer shall bear the cost of the change. 

Article 11 :
The tenant shall use the accommodation with care. If no inventory is carried out or any observation made in writing within three days of the customer's taking possession of the accommodation, it shall be taken as being in a perfect state of upkeep and cleanliness. The customer is responsible for cleaning the premises during the rental and before his departure (except any contrary information in the rental agreement, signed with the owner). 

Article 12 :
The customer shall pay a guarantee deposit intended to cover any consequences of deterioration which could be attributed to him (or to his visitors, occupants or any third parties) during the term of the contract or if the premises are not kept in the agreed state of cleanliness. The amount of this 3 deposit is indicated on the rental agreement of the owner. The amount of the guarantee deposit is established by each accommodation owner individually and can therefore vary from one to another. It shall be paid on arrival to the accommodation provider or to his representative. The customer cannot take possession of the premises prior to having paid this guarantee deposit. An inventory of the fixtures may be carried out on the customer's arrival and departure. The customer can insist on an inventory of fixtures being carried out in the presence of both parties. After the customer's departure (and after the inventory of fixtures has been carried out and if there is no deterioration, the guarantee deposit shall be refunded to him on the date or within the period specified in the contract with a deduction for repairs to the premises if any deterioration noted. 

Article 13 :
The booking option stipulates whether the customer can or cannot be accompanied by a pet in the accommodation. If the customer does not comply with this article, the service provider can interrupt the stay. Nevertheless, the cost of the accommodation must still be paid. 

Article 14 :
End of stay cleaning, handing over the keys, arrival/departure time and check in/out modalities are specified in the rental agreement established by the accommodation owner. 

Article 15 :
If the customer has booked a holidays package, the customer has to come to Les Gets Reservation to pick up the passes or any necessary document allowing him to benefit from the pre-booked options. These pre-booked options can be modified up to 2 days before the customer’s arrival date.

Article 16 :
The tourist tax is payable to Les Gets Réservation. This tax is included in the amount of the deposit that the customer has to pay to settle his reservation. 

Article 17 :
The customer can send any complaint concerning the failure to fulfill or the poor fulfillment of the contract to Les Gets Reservation as soon as possible by registered letter with request for receipt. Les Gets Reservation is the representative only. Consequently, only the accommodation provider or the accommodation owner shall assume the responsibility for the accommodation.
Article 18 : 
Les Gets Reservation reserves the right to invoke force majeure in the case of a strike, of transport, the hotel staff, exceptional weather conditions, work following an exceptional occurrence, prohibition by the authorities, prohibitions in connection with health risks. 4 In the case of force majeure, the Les Gets Central Booking Office shall be released from its contractual obligations. No compensation may be contemplated except a refund of the cost of the stay already paid. In any case, if the contract entered into has to be modified due to circumstances outside the control of the parties, they can only be made with the agreement of the latter. 

Article 19 :
16-1:According to the terms of the decree of 15 June 1994, the customer can transfer the benefit of his contract subject to informing the Les Gets Central Booking Office by registered letter with request for receipt at least seven days prior to the start of the stay. In this case, the transferor remains jointly and severally liable with the transferee. 16-2: In application of the data protection and civil liberties act, the customer is informed that any personal information gathered from the contract is recorded in a data base of computerised files. These files are declared to the CNIL (French Data Protection Agency). The customer can exercise his rights of access, correction and withdrawal provided for by law.

Article 20 :
Les Gets Reservation BP 28, 74260 LES GETS Tel: 04 50 75 80 51 E-mail: reservation@lesgets.com Obligatory mentions according to Article 31 of decree No. 94-490 of 15/06/1994 Registered office: SAGETS, place de la Mairie – 74260 LES GETS "Establishment authorised for tourism by Atout France order" IMO74100003 Financial guarantee: Banque Populaire des Alpes – 2,avenue du Grésivaudan – 38700 CORENC Public liability: AGF - Cabinet Gilbert et Olivier Blanc - 74200 THONON les BAINS. Risks covered: damage suffered by customers due to errors of fact or of law, omissions or negligence committed at the time of the offer, the organisation and the sale of the services described in Articles 1 and 25 of the Act of 13 July 1992. Amount of the guarantee: 41,887.00 euro.